Saturday, March 3, 2012

Got Water? [Poll Results]

In my October 5, 2011 post, GOT WATER? I wrote about how surprised I was to see many runners running on a hot day without any water.  So I decided to take a poll to study the habits of runners regarding hydration on their run.   Here are the results.
1) Do you carry water when you run?
                44% said always
                44% said sometimes      
                11% said never
2) What is the minimum number of miles you will run in order for you to bring water?
                40% said they will carry water when running less than 4 miles
                15% said they will carry water when running a minimum of 5 miles
                30% said they will carry water when running a minimum of 8 miles
                15% said they will carry water when running a minimum of 11 miles
3)  Which of these running events, where water stops are provided will you carry water with you anyway?
                30% will carry water with them at a 5k   
                46% will carry water with them at a 10k run
                69% will carry water with them at a half marathon
                76% will carry water with them at a marathon event

These findings are not conclusive due to the small number of participants in my study.  But it gives me a general idea about the habits of the running community. 

My study shows that there is a small percentage of people who do not run with water.  So that means, that on that one hot day when I went out for a run, I was looking at the small percentage of runners who did not carry water on their run.  But those who do carry water will carry it even on shorter runs.  After more thought, I realize that the answer to this question could all depend on the type of runner you are.  

A further study would be to ask the participants what their experience level is (beginner, casual, competitive), the number of days a week the runner runs, and their average mileage per day. This would probably provide me with a more interesting analysis.

As for the third question, the longer the race, the more likely athletes will bring their own water.  This is what I expected.  It probably has to do with the competitive nature of these races versus the casual run.  If you are running hard, you definitely need to hydrate.  And if you are going for time, you'd rather keep your pace than take the time to stop at a water stop.

So what is the importance of this poll?  Nothing really.  It's just to satisfy my curiosity.  But what I did learn is that everyone runs his or her own race.  So don't worry about what people are doing.  You run in a way that is perfect for you.  You know what makes you comfortable so do what is best for you and not what everyone is doing or tells you to do. 

I am Running-girl and I wear 3/4 length capris, no matter what the weather conditions is.  I always wear a cap, even on a cloudy day.  And I always carry a water bottle, even on a short 3-mile run.  So be it.  Be your own YOU!

~Happy Running



  1. It surprises me that more people don't carry water. When I first started running, I signed up for a 5K (10K for some) mud run in April. I didn't bring water because they said water was provided. It turned out to be 100 degrees that day and they ran out of water! People were dropping all over the place! Since then, I always carry water:)

  2. Hi! So glad you found me again!! No big deal life happens. Interesting post.. I tend to carry water with me on warm sunny days and on long runs but not shorter runs on cool days. And i also take water to longer races. And I never wear shorts - capris or pants!

  3. I love 3/4 capris, too! No chaffing/riding up shorts to worry about! I'm curious if people with fuel belts wear them on their "natural waist line" or lower like hips. I find that my belt rides up off my hips (where I would wear a clothing type belt) - perhaps it's too small? but then it won't stay on my waist because it's too big for there. So instead it flops up and down and chafes and drives me nuts! I want to try one of the back packs!

    1. I'm curios too. I have worn my fuel belt both on my waist and hips at different times to figure out which feels better. I prefer it on my hips so it is not in the way of my swinging arms. But then it rides up just as you say. On the waist, it fits snug but the bottle rubs against my forearm sometimes. I have to rotate it a certain way. You have to get a very small size for it to fit the waist. I totally understand your concerns! Thanks for dropping by.

  4. I agree with your outlook on things. I think I did your survey. BTW, I run on average 4x/week for about 22 miles. This is down from 40 or so when I was younger and before a left knee injury. I do races and some speed work so I guess you would categorize me as competitive. Did you see some of my old running log info when you stopped over at my blog recently? Just curious.




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