Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Running Date

My husband and I are runners.  When you are married with children, finding time to run together is a rarity.  And going on dates with your spouse are far and few.  So when my husband said, "Get ready.  We're going on a date," I was thrilled.

This is what our date looked like:

One early afternoon, I got ready for my date.  I donned my sexiest bun shorts and matching sports bra and topped it off with a stylish dry-fit shirt.  I accessorized with a sporty running cap and Garmin.  Right before heading out the door, I laced on my Asics Gel-Kayano 17.  I was dressed to run.

It was a beautiful evening along the Pacific coast.  The gorgeous sunset set the tone for a lovely run.  No words were spoken.  Our eyes gazed on the road ahead of us.  We engaged in spontaneous flirts of elbow tapping as we ran.  I admired my date's long, curly locks blowing in the breeze and his beads of sweat glistening in the glow of the evening.

For our meal, we savored every morsel of energy bars as our appetizer for the evening.  Instead of a Cabernet Sauvignon, we sipped some tropical Cytomaxa 2010 pomegranate flavored mix.  For dessert, we shared a velvety packet of strawberry GU.  The rest of the evening, we shared our hopes and dreams for our future...our "to-do list."

At the end of the run, we ended our date with some heavy breathing, exhausted.  We capped the night off with a concert of yelling and screaming by excited fansour kids who welcomed us back home.  It was a date to remember.

How about you?  Next time you think about your next date, consider a running date!  If it is successful, then you may have just found your sole mate!  (Pun intended)


  1. I envy you guys. My wife thinks running is-well-boring to do and watch. That's why I do my own thing.

    If you get a chance, stop by my blog and say hello.


  2. Rome, I'm listening intently to a book I'm reviewing (via audio) before Sydney can read it when I saw your post, I immediately turned my headphones off so I can read what you wrote.

    I love that you had a great date with your sole mate. Makes the difference in the world. Thanks for sharing. 'Twas sweet.

    Now back to my "book reviewing."
    See you soon!

  3. Thanks Running Girl - sounds very romantic, LOL!

  4. My brother runs marathons, but he stopped running them when he lost his second job. His wife can't get into jogging, so when she has time she just goes to the gym.

  5. When my fiance and I first started dating we always a weekly running date. It was a great icebreak, fun, and a workout. I loved those runs together!

  6. What a lovely blog that has made me feel thankful. I run with my husband most days and feel blessed to do so. We don't have children so we have the luxury and it feels so weird to run without him. Sometimes we chat, sometimes we race, mostly we just enjoy the run together.

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