Sunday, July 8, 2012


I know, it's a stretch.  What do keys have to do with mojo!  Hear me out.
It’s been an unbelievable month.  I lost 3 keys in 2 weeks and lost my running mojo too.
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I’ve never lost my keys before (pause) well, not that many in a short period of time.  I lost my padlock keys, post-office box keys, and office keys.  Incredibly, I found them all! 

It took me 3 steps to do it.
1) Think back
2) Retrace steps
3) Ask for help
...and a little bit of luck!

I had just returned from my vacation when I discovered I had lost my keys.   I traced my steps back to the location where I last remembered seeing my keys and asked around if anyone had turned them in.   Two weeks had past so my hopes weren't high.  To my surprise, my keys- all 3 of them, were waiting for me in a lost and found box at each site.

Unbelievable!  I know.   If I could find all 3 keys, I should be able to find my running mojo too.  It was worth a try.

I followed the same steps.

1) I thought back to when running was enjoyable for me.  It was a time when I was training for my first marathon.  It was exciting and fun.   And since it was my first, I had no pacing expectations.  

2) Next, I had to revisit it.   So, I signed up for another marathon and made a training schedule.  There was no backing out now.  I have a goal to work towards and a plan to stick to.   I did not set any pacing goal for myself.  I just ran.

3) I wouldn’t have been able to get my keys if it weren’t for the good people who were kind enough to turn in my keys.  Likewise, I needed to find a running group who I can count on for encouragement and support, and to whom I can be accountable to. 

Now I look forward to my runs.  Going back to where it all started  helped me find my mojo…thanks to my lost keys.

Have you lost and found your mojo?  I’d love to hear about it.

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