Saturday, March 20, 2010

Trail Running

Imagine dodging low-lying branches, hurdling over fallen trees, skipping through running creeks.  You pause for a moment to breathe in the fresh scent of pine and eucalyptus trees, while overlooking breathtaking views of the city below.  Welcome to trail running.

Gone are the bone-crunching asphalt, the endless straight-aways, the busy streets, and the smell of exhaust. In trail running you, will find yourself crunching on graveled ground, sloshing through squishy mud, or tip-toeing over river rocks.  Sometimes you will hear Raven's squawking, the wind whistling, or branches creaking.  Trail running is an experience!

Running, in general, is a great way to sort out life's problem.  But if you want to forget your problems all together, try trail running.  The technicality of the terrain will get your mind off of anything but the ground you run on.  You see, in trail running, there's a variety of terrain you encounter so you need to be acutely aware of each step you take to avoid injury.  Slippery gravel and leaves, root stumps and twigs, irregular paths with dips and bumps may all cause you to trip and fall.  So make sure you get yourself a good pair of running shoes made for trail running.  I normally run in an Asics Kayano or a 2140.  My New Balance trail shoes is just as comfortable.  Running shoes made for trail running offer more stability for the rugged terrain.

Trail running is challenging but fun.  If you are bored of road running, the technicality of trail trunning will spice up your training.  If the terrain doesn't challenge you enough, the climb will.  The ascends and switchbacks will leave you panting.  But don't be dismayed, the beauty of trail running will be worth it.  So give it a try.  You'll be glad you did.  If you like hiking and running like I do, then you'll love trail running.  It's a combination of the two.

I recommended these sites for trail running:

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  1. What a well written blog for trail runners; thank you :-)



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