Wednesday, November 3, 2010


When sharing a recreational trail with others, there is some etiquette or common sense I expect from runners, walkers, and bikers.  But not everyone has the courtesy to follow these simple rules.  It’s become one of my pet peeves.  Here are three that tops my list.  So allow me to go over some of my expectations with you.

1)  When running on a trail or narrow pathway, please stay on the right side of the path.  This gives room for users from the opposite direction, and allows runners from the back to pass on your left without having to disturb you. 

I often see people (mostly walkers), side-by-side, blocking the entire pathway.  I don’t want to have to yell, “Excuse me!” only to have them give me the dirty look, as if I’m the one ruining their momentum.  And yes, I usually have to yell most of the time because those people are often chattering up a storm and they can’t hear my loud panting, water swishing around in my water bottle, and my foot steps pounding on the pavement.

This leaves me to a second thought.  Should runners start saying, "On your left!" I don't think I run that fast.  But I don't run slow either.  So move it or I'll run you over!

And for those of you stopping to pet a dog or chat with other people, don't look at me and just stand there in the middle of the path.  GET OUT OF MY WAY!

2)  Please keep your trash to yourself.  Just because a banana peel is biodegradable, doesn’t mean you can just throw it on the side expecting it to compost the next day.  Keep it in your pockets.  That’s what pockets are for, right?  My son knows this very well.  I often find his pockets full of trash after it’s been through the dryer.  Just don’t forget to empty your pockets and put it in the garbage can.

3) Please keep some distance behind me.  It’s kind of creepy hearing foot steps behind me running for a mile and not passing me.  We are not cyclists.  So there is no need to draft.  Besides, I don’t run that fast.  And a word of caution:  Don’t blame me if I pass gas and you happen to be in harms way.

There you go.  My top 3 pet peeves for running.  So, please be courteous so we can all run/walk/bike in harmony. 

~Happy Running!


  1. Love the new blog look...makes me wanna run =.)

    I can relate to your 1st pet peeve. I always have to yell out "on your left!" when biking, not running. And I have to keep telling my kids, "single file, runners/bikers are a-coming."

    Miss you and the boys. Time to get together soon. Let me know.



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