Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Running Blahs

Lately, I’ve been experiencing "running blahs."  Running blah is a state of mind.  It’s a loss of enthusiasm, motivation, and desire for running.  Here are some of the causes:

§  Routine- running the same route, mileage, or speed can cause boredom
§  Overtraining- causing tiredness or robbing you of the fun of running
§  Being off schedule- getting off schedule due to various reasons make it difficult to get back on track

The holidays and winter months got me to this state of mind.  But alas, it is spring and spring brings fresh new blooms, mild weather, and fresh starts.  So, now is time for me to get out of the running blahs and find my “mojo” again.

Here are some solutions I prescribed for myself.  If you are suffering from the running blahs, try it.  It may work for you too.
Prescriptions for boredom:
1.       Mix up your training- Work in speed training on a track or fartleks on a trail.  Squeeze in a cardio workout (anything other than running like aerobics or swimming) mid-week to break up your running routine.  You can even change your runs between tempo runs and long, slow distance runs.  The key is to change it up each day to avoid boredom.
2.       Run with a friend- Make your runs a social event.  Joining a run club is always fun.  Running with like-minded people often bring about a camaraderie that always ignites interesting conversations.
3.      Change your scenery- find new places to run.  MapMyRun offers plenty of suggestions for new running routes.  You can even mix up the terrain between track, road, and trail.

Prescription for overtraining:
1.       Play games- You can play games while you run.  See my post on “Running Games” for ideas.  It’ll make the time go by quickly.
2.       Slow down- For once, try a slow, long distant run.  Leave your Garmin at home and just take it easy and run for the fun of it.  While you run, take the time to say “hello” to a fellow runner.  Take the time to enjoy the sites around you.
Prescription for being off schedule:
1.       Set a goal for yourself- Sign up for an event or race.  By doing so, you have something to strive for.  You’ll be running with a purpose.  Sign up for a race once a month.  This will give you plenty to work for. 
2.       Buy a new gadget- To help you get back into the swing of things; buy yourself a new watch, running outfit, or running shoes.  This way, you’ll be excited about trying your new item out on a run, motivating you to run again. 
3.       Run at a popular running spot-  Seeing others run is always motivating.  Need I say more?

I hope my prescriptions for the running blahs help you find your mojo!
-Happy running!

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  1. I've had trouble with the running blahs too. I think it has to do with the limitations of winter. Thanks for the tips!



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