Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Got Water?

Water is cooling.  Water is refreshing.  Water is quenching.

I can’t go on a run without carrying a water bottle or wearing a hydration pack- no matter what the distance is.  It’s like a safe haven for me.

I like to be prepared and would hate to be without water when I need it most.  My routes don’t offer water options.  I don’t always have the luxury of water fountains or convenience stores conveniently placed on my route.  So I bring my own water. 

One hot day in San Francisco, I was surprised to see the number of runners who didn't carry water.  Running in the heat makes me thirsty.  I wondered why most runners didn’t carry water with them.  Is it because they feel they are not running far enough or long enough to need it?  And what it the minimum distance a runner will run before they feel it necessary to carry water?  This led me to my poll questions. 

I’m inviting all runners, new and seasoned, to take my poll which is located on the right of the blog. Help me understand your running habits.  I'll be sharing my results with you at a later time.

Happy Running...and remember to BYOW!  

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  1. I drink a lot of water throughout the day and I can't imagine not bringing water on a run. Anything over 2 miles, and I need water. Actually, even on a 2 mile fun run I bring a water bottle. It's gone by the end.



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