Sunday, June 5, 2011

Top 10 Excuses for a Poor Race Time

I always try to run my best time at each race.  So, whenever I don’t do well in a race, I find myself making excuses for my poor performance.  Here are my top 10 excuses:

  1. My knee (or other body part) was bothering me
  2. I ran it just for fun
  3. I'm getting over a cold
  4. I just ran it for the mileage
  5. My training schedule was off
  6. I got a cramp
  7. The weather was bad (too windy, too cold, too hot)
  8. I didn’t sleep well the night before
  9. I wasn't feeling well
  10. The race was too crowded

I’m sure you’ve heard these excuses before.  You may have even used a few of these yourself.  I’m sure it’s true and that is the real reason you did not do well in a race.  But why have an excuse? 

Join me in my effort to not make any more excuses.  Don’t focus on your race time.  Don’t beat yourself up about your misfortune.  Instead, embrace your time and congratulate yourself for finishing!

Got any more excuses?  Throw them at me.  I’d like to hear more so I can include them with this list and turn my excuse list into a “do not say” list.

Repeat after me:  “I did it.  I finished my race!”


  1. excellent advice! i have a few friends who have the Type-A syndrome... never happy with their time. i prefer the "i beat everyone who didn't get out of bed" attitude. if i also take an age-group award, sweet! if not, at least i enjoyed the ride. ;)

  2. "I beat everyone who didn't get out of bed." I like that Beth! And keep running like a girl! I know plenty of fast girls...



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